Super Saturday Free Flea Market A Success.

We had a great day on Saturday. During the week we gathered all the items, sorted the items into groups and prepped for the day.

Saturday our people arrived at 8am  to receive instructions. We then moved all the stuff out into the parking lot. Each item had a designated space. By 9:30am all areas were sorted, placed on tables or on in their area, the grill was cooking, and kidz zone was ready. At 10am we opened the area by removing the caution tape and people began to shop.

People were amazed that everything was free. Each person received what they needed from furniture, to clothing. The atmosphere was buzzing and people were genuinely touched by our kindness.

A lot of people were puzzled and pondered why we would invest the time and energy to give all we had received away for free. When asked,  we simply answered, "We just wanted to show you God's love in a practical way."

We cleaned up and were out by 1pm. We did have some clothing left so took the clothing to Hanna's Treasure Chest and Goodwill. Goodwill in turn give us clothing vouchers to give to people in need who come to our food pantry.

Backpacks Going to Schools!

All 400 backpacks left the building in just 2 weekends. They began to return and we are funneling the backpacks to the school systems.

Kettering Schools have many low income families and people just struggling to get by. This year we contacted the school counselor. She in turn contacted all the other elementary school counselors to gather numbers. Today, we sorted and delivered 100 backpacks. It was great to see the Principal energized and smiling as she received the goods.

In our conversation we talked about a teacher appreciation early afternoon. She has given us a date and we will be serving the teachers in mid September. When I mentioned we'd like to serve the teachers to let them know they were appreciated she mentioned, "No one has ever done this for us before." 

To read my a rant... please read this post. Teachers Rule

We will be heading up to Fairborn bringing backpacks and shoes in the next week. It's been a great time of caring for our community!