Turkeys giving away Turkeys

what a great creating God space event! several things of note:

  • the children packed 70 boxes and blew up 400 helium balloons on the Wednesday night before the outreach. a businessman and wife donated the 70 boxes with all the fixins including turkeys
  • people came early to drop off their boxed dinner over 200 dinners were waiting to be taken
  • the men's group came and sorted through the early delivered boxes to ensure people had a great meal
  • the prayer team join the event by going with the 4 teams
  • the vibe was off the chart
  • worship was impactful
  • Doug sharing our heritage was inspirational
  • Rebecca sharing how to pray was stretching and practical
  • I did ok on the instructions and some light humor
  • we grabbed our maps, picked up 3 or 4 other boxes and headed out
  • we are now receiving stories of people being amazed, surprised, weeping, and extremely thankful for the dinner and for encouraging prayer

Turkeys Giving Away Turkeys

check out the pomo video on facebook... huge fun... 450 boxes so far... looking forward to the day... lot's of people will be encouraged.