Super Saturday Flea Market Off The Chart.

This years Super Saturday was huge! Hundreds of people attended to receive needed items. Clothing, households, furniture, kids toys, stollers, and much more. We also served hamburgers, hotdogs and drinks all for free. Both downtown campus and Beavercreek campus held the event.

Our ladies sorted it all... over 600 woman hours. We stored all the stuff in our main hallway, and downtown's lower hall. At 8am moved tables, and all the gathered item outside. We opened the Flea Market at 10am, by 12pm most of the items were taken. We then loaded the truck and donated left overs to Goodwill. Last year Goodwill gave 1000 $10 vouchers that were used to help the needy who popped into our food pantry. All in it was a smooth running day.

A few highlights.
One lady asked, 'Where do I pay?' reply, 'No where, it's all Free.' She immediately began to cry. Overwhelmed with kindness.

Another lady asked for prayer for her sister in hospital. When we prayed, she also began to weep.

One young grandma just took custody of her nine year old grandson. She received needed support and clothing. The young guy was riding a Razor he'd received.

A hispanic family received enough to help set up their home. Their van looked like a movie filmed in Texas, with van stuffed with boxes, clothing, and with a matress and chairs tied on top with rope. It was fun to watch as they gathered around their van and took a family picture.

One new to Vineyard person, first time serving stated, 'I had no idea this would be so impactful. I have received far more than I gave. Unbelievable. Wow!'

Hundreds of people showed up
Our volunteers really out did themselves caring, serving, helping to be Jesus to our community.

Here is an email I received, 'I want to thank you and the Vineyard for the great day. The people serving were so kind and warm. I received much needed items to help with going back to school, and a items of needed clothing both for myself and my children. Thanks again.'

Good deeds create good will that opens hearts to the good news. 
 Rusaw Swanson The Externally Focused Church

Back To School. What a Blast!

Each year we adopt a school. We seek to invest in the school in our area that has the greatest need. Fairborn Elementary is a school with 1700 pupils many with great need. The school at one time was the largest elementary school in Ohio. Many of the students come from low income families. The teachers are over worked as is their facilities team.

So this year we painted, cleaned and landscaped the school. One of their biggest needs: helping kids get on the bus and off the bus safely so we spent a few hours painting letters on the parking lot where the kids are dropped off and picked up. A simple project that cost literally nothing but made a huge difference. Smiling teachers and kids and safe kids accomplished.

As the new term begins we also seek to meet practical needs of the students by furnishing filled back packs. This year we added shoes and socks to the list.

Here's how it works. I purchase back packs bulk rate for $8 and then sell to Vineyard people for $5. (Why $5 it's just enough to remind people they have a backpack.) By the first weekend of sale most of the 300 backpacks were purchased.

The people then take the backpacks home, fill them up and return. Families like to purchase the items together and allow the kids to help purchase and fill the bags. Often when the packs are returned the kids are the ones who carry the bags in and drop off the pack at our backpack drop off zone.

Here is the list:

Back To School Bash:
We will be helping Fairborn Elementary School this year.

What to do:
Purchase Backpack at Info Center.
Fill Backpack with supply list and other fun items.
Return Backpack to Vineyard by August 29th.

Supplies List:
2 – 2 Pocket Folders
1 – 3 Ring Binder
1 – Large Box Kleenex
2 – Glue Sticks
1 – Bottle of Glue
1 – Pair of Scissors (blunt edge, round tip)
1 – Pack Pencils
1 – Large Eraser
1 – Pack Crayons (at least 24)
1 – Pack Colored Pencils
1 – Pack Markers
2 – Spiral Notebooks (Wide Ruled)
1 – Composition Notebook
2 – Packs Wide Ruled Loose Leaf Paper
1 – Pack Dry Erase Markers
1 - Post-Its

1 pair of Shoes
1 pair of Socks

This year most purchased packs of socks.

When I called the school I asked for the best drop off time. When I mentioned we had a few hundred bags the principal responded by shouting to the rest of the office staff...'The Vineyard collected hundreds of bags for the kids!'

I found out the open house date. We delivered the backpacks, shoes and socks mid morning of the open house.

It's always a blast! The outreach is just one of the many outward focused projects we complete each year.

The effect... We are known by our community as a Church that cares and serves others. Caring for our community creates good will that opens hearts to the good news.

I don't know about you, but I like attending a church that seeks to make a difference. I also think I'd know which church I'd like to attend if I was looking for one.