Get On The Bus

Our crew set out to go to Main Street. Main is a wild place. Poverty is the norm on North Main Dayton. We've had some great opportunities to establish a beachhead there that will be finalized soon. We wanted to go and encourage people in the area with groceries and prayer.

One lady of the group had just received groceries and was now going out with her kids to serve others. It was an emotional time for her.
We prayed for several people. One lady exclaimed, 'I can feel something going on in my heart! I have stints in my heart and sense something good happening!'

Other people who were prayed for were encouraged and visibly moved.
At the end when we gathered to pray before leaving...a man ran over and thanked our group for coming and giving aid. A little love, and practical care goes a long way on Main.

prayer works duh?

you'd think after following Jesus for over 30 years I'd know prayer works but i'm always amazed when it's me that prays for people and their prayers are answered.

a recent list:
a house sold, actually many houses have sold over the past 3 years, this one sold during the recent crunch...the same day as the prayer...i think they were driving home and received the phone call.

a guy needed a new prosthetic for his cash...we agree...he gets new leg worth $5k for free from a caring doctor and said with a smile 'I could walk forever on this leg'. This answer made my week.

a desperate, tired, self-condemned, mom received grace and regained her peace and sanity after a tragic situation

a pastor friend was encouraged by his new assignment and his affirmation

a church received a large offering that helped pay for a repair etc.

God does nothing but by prayer, and everything with it - John Wesley

I think it is a seasonal thing, seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near.

Single Parent Meal

we had a great time with the single parents and grandparents raising children this past weekend...we attempt to create a safe place for the event where the kids are with kids and the parents are with parents.

Kidz Zone had a bouncy castle, a 20 foot table for eating burgers and creating crafts and some great kidz workers...Burger King burgers for the kidz meal was a hit.

The Brunch for the adults and their teens was off the chart. Waffles, Omelets, fruit, etc. The room is always decorated in a pleasant atmosphere...

Kim a newly single mom shared "God Lessons" which hit the mark.

A family photo of each attending family was taken at the end of the meal plus a free 5 to 10 min massage.

As the families left they picked up their fully washed and detailed car, or van washed by some of our intrepid men's group.

All in all a great day...