Top 10 no, 11 Mistakes

Yesterday Doug Roe,the lead pastor, briefly talked about his top 10 mistakes...i dittoed a few...

there's trouble ahead when I

...move fast forward or do anything in haste

...don't respectfully say no and stand my ground on certain issues

...don't speak the truth in love

...don't work out on a consistent basis

...attempt to live my life on someone elses faith, instead of my own

...become too casual and begin to drift through life on a river of routine

...don't take time to see other people through the eyes of Christ

...don't listen. especially to my wife not patient with my children

...don't nurture / develop God's obvious investment in my life

...don't pay attention to my spiritual gauges...(see pastoral ponderings link my friend David has written about this a few times)
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